How To Make a Commercial Loan Payment

Register for online banking to make your next commercial loan payment as simple as possible.

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Updated at March 8th, 2022

At Amplify, we make it as easy as possible for our borrowers to make their loan payments. And with our quick and convenient online banking platform, you can schedule your next loan payment in just a few simple keystrokes. In this article, we will answer a few important questions about loan payments and share some additional resources to get you started.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your loan confirmation email will provide your loan payment information.
  • Register for online banking to set up one-time or recurring payments.
  • You can also use online banking to schedule payments from an external financial institution.

Where Do I Find My Loan Repayment Information?

Once you have closed on your loan with the Commercial Lending team at Amplify, you will receive an email with a few key details about your loan. This email will include:

  • Your Loan/Account Number
  • Your Personal Member Number
  • The Property Address
  • The Due Date of the First Payment
  • The Payment Total

If you cannot locate these numbers, please contact your Commercial Loan Officer, or refer back to the original loan documentation.

How Do I Make My First Loan Payment?

Now that you are a member at Amplify Credit Union, you can manage your accounts – including your commercial loan account – through our online banking platform. Online banking can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Once you’re enrolled, you can:

  • Connect your loan account to an external financial institution.
  • Schedule automatic loan payments each month.
  • Review your balance and payment history.
  • Sign up for electronic statements.
  • Schedule text or email alerts for upcoming or completed loan payments.

To start, visit the Making Your Next Loan Payment article in the Amplify Help Center.

How Do I Connect My Loan to Another Financial Institution?

Members always have the option to move money between their Amplify accounts – including loan accounts – and another financial institution. To set up external transfers, you will need to know the routing number and the account number of the external account. The full verification process should take between two (2) and five (5) days.

For a step-by-step breakdown of this process, please visit the Transferring Money to an External Account article in the Amplify Help Center.

Can I Make a Payment Outside of Online Banking?

While we encourage members to make their loan payments within online banking, we recognize that there are times when alternate payment methods may be preferred. To assist with that, we have created a variety of payment tools – including a one-time payment platform that will allow you to transfer funds from another financial institution. For more information on alternate payments, please visit the Make a Loan Payment page on the Amplify website.

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