How To Use Spark Hire for Video Interviews

Amplify uses Spark Hire, a one-way video interview tool, to learn more about qualified applicants.

Written By Jenny Voigt (Sr. HR Generalist)

Updated at May 23rd, 2022

When you apply for a position at Amplify Credit Union, you may be asked to complete a first-round interview with Spark Hire. Spark Hire is a one-way video interview tool that will allow you to record video answers to interview questions on your schedule. In this article, we’ll explain how Spark Hire works and share a few words of advice for first-time users.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spark Hire allows applicants to record video interviews on their schedule.
  • You can record your answers multiple times and pick your favorite one.
  • There is no formal dress code for Spark Hire interviews.

What is Spark Hire?

Spark Hire is a one-way video interview tool that Amplify uses to make first-round interviews more convenient for our applicants. Rather than require an applicant to take time out of their day to meet with a recruiter on their timeline, Spark Hire allows you to record and submit a video on your schedule.

With Spark Hire, you can:

  • Review and reflect on our full list of interview questions.
  • Record video responses when it fits your schedule, not ours.
  • Record multiple versions of an answer and submit the one you like the most.

For more information on video interviewing with Spark Hire, please check out the applicant support portal on the Spark Hire website.

How do I create a Spark Hire account?

If you are selected for an interview with Amplify, you will receive an email from our recruiters with a Spark Hire interview link. Use this link to create a profile with either your email or LinkedIn account. From there, you will be shown a few short videos from our partners at Spark Hire to help you better prepare for your video interview.

Please note: our recruiters send most updates through Paycom, our applicant job hub, so please add to your list of safe senders to avoid missing an important application update.

Is there a dress code for Spark Hire interviews?

We encourage our applicants to dress comfortably for their Spark Hire interviews. That said, please be mindful of wearing clothing with messaging that may be deemed offensive to some people. This may include profane or highly politicized language or imagery deemed inappropriate for a professional environment.

At Amplify, we also encourage you not to hide the piercings, tattoos, or hair color that play a big role in how you present yourself to the community. If you have a septum piercing, for example, you are welcome to leave it in for the Spark Hire interview.

Are there restrictions on interview questions?

Each Spark Hire interview question comes with three criteria:

  • Think Time is the amount of preparation time provided for each question. This countdown begins when you click on the View Question button on the interview screen.
  • Takes are the number of times you can record your answer to each interview question.
  • Time Limit is the time allotted for your answer. Some questions may require a longer answer than others; in those cases, you will be provided with a higher Time Limit for your recording.

Amplify currently provides applicants with unlimited Think Time and Takes. That means you can spend as much time preparing for a question as you want and rerecord your answers until you are satisfied with your response.

Should I be worried about the quality of my video?

Like any interview, our Spark Hire interviews are intended to help us learn about your experience and potential fit within the Amplify culture. While we do recommend being conscious of your recording space – such as recording in a messy or dark room – our team will never use your internet connection or webcam quality as a determining factor in your application.

How long will a Spark Hire interview take?

We recommend setting aside 30 minutes to complete your Spark Hire interview questions. This will give you plenty of time to check your equipment, reflect on your interview answers, and record multiple takes (if needed).

I am uncomfortable recording a video. Can I interview another way?

Contact our team at to discuss alternate ways of interviewing.

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