How Amplify's Overdraft Prevention Program Works

Learn how Amplify uses connected accounts to prevent overdrafts on transactions.

Written By Matthew Monagle (Member Support)

Updated at July 7th, 2023

No matter how much money you have on deposit, there may come a time when you accidentally overdraft on your account. That’s why Amplify offers two overdraft programs to make sure you do not miss an important payment. In this article, we’ll review our overdraft prevention program, which draws money from your other Amplify accounts to complete payments. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • In the case of an overdraft, Amplify’s overdraft prevention program will automatically draw funds from a primary savings account or personal line of credit.
  • Our overdraft prevention program features $0.00 in fees or penalties.
  • See our Overdraft Program Disclosure for the full program overview.
  • Contact our team by phone at (512) 836-5901 if you have questions about your overdraft plan.

How does Amplify’s overdraft prevention program work?

At Amplify, we believe that your transactions should not be declined if you have available funds in other accounts. That is why we have enrolled all eligible members in our overdraft prevention program. Under this plan, when a transaction would bring your checking account into a negative balance, Amplify will automatically pull funds from your primary savings or an eligible line of credit to cover the difference. If the funds available in these accounts would not cover the difference, the transaction will be declined.

Are there fees for our overdraft prevention program?

Since February 2022, Amplify has charged our members $0.00 in overdraft penalties as part of our fee-free banking initiative. You will not be charged an overdraft fee no matter how much you spend.

What is the difference between our overdraft prevention and protection programs?

In addition to our overdraft prevention program, Amplify offers Rebound, an overdraft protection program where Amplify will temporarily cover overdraft expenses. Here is a breakdown of how the two programs work:

  • Overdraft Prevention: When a payment would bring your account into a negative balance, Amplify will automatically pull funds from your primary savings account or personal line of credit (if applicable) to avoid an overdraft. If no funds are available, this transaction will be declined.
  • Overdraft Protection: When a payment would bring your account into a negative balance, Amplify will cover the difference up to a certain amount. You will then have 14 days to bring your account back into a positive balance. Please note that members must qualify for Rebound and charges are covered at the discretion of the Amplify team.

For more information on overdraft protection limits and conditions, please visit the How Our Overdraft Protection Program Works article in Ask Amplify.

What if I don’t want Amplify to draw from other accounts? 

If you would like to make changes to your overdraft plan at Amplify, please contact our team by phone at (512) 836-5901 or by using the chat feature on our website at

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