How Amplify Uses Banking Tiers for Members

Amplify Credit Union has introduced new banking tiers to provide more transparency and security around member transaction limits.

Written By Kelly Mendez (Assistant Branch Manager )

Updated at January 3rd, 2023

One of the biggest challenges of any financial institution is balancing customized transaction limits against member security. At Amplify, we recently introduced a series of banking tiers that will allow members to conduct business while still protecting their deposits. In this article, we’ll explain how our banking tiers are calculated and where to view your transaction limits.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Amplify has introduced banking tiers for its members that includes payment and transfer limits. 
  • These limits provide members with personalized banking limits while protecting their account(s) from unwanted fraud. 
  • Your transaction limits will be visible in online banking.

Why does Amplify have banking tiers? 

The goal of our banking tiers is to balance our members’ transaction needs against the security of their account. Each account should feature a transaction limit that allows them to comfortably manage their monthly banking activity without increasing the risk of fraud against that member. To better balance these outcomes, our team has constructed a tier system that automatically adjusts to your transaction and deposit history.

What criteria are used to determine member tiers? 

When you join Amplify, our team uses several account indicators – such as expected loan payment amounts or deposit balances – to determine which banking tier is right for you. As you continue to bank with Amplify, our system will automatically adjust every 30 days to your recent transaction history. This can include lowering or raising your limits based on your member needs.

What activities will be impacted by banking tiers?

All online banking transactions – such as mobile deposits, internal transfers, or loan payments – will be subject to our new online banking tiers. Amplify will also be adding debit card transaction limits to these tiers in the coming months.

Can I view my current tier and transaction limits? 

The limits of your current banking tier will always be available in online banking. Follow the steps below to see your specific mobile deposit, transfer, and bill pay limits at Amplify. 

  • Log in to online banking from the Amplify app or homepage. 
  • Click Transactions in the online banking sidebar. This will open a new screen. 
  • Click Transaction Limits.

This will take you to an Ask Amplify page with specific daily and monthly limits for each of your transaction types. Should your limits change as a result of your account balances or activities, this link will automatically update to reflect your new tier.

What if I need to transfer more money than my current tier allows? 

In the rare instance where a member’s current banking tier cannot cover their transaction needs, we encourage you to speak with member of our Contact Center for additional advice. You can reach our team at or by phone at (512) 836-5901. 

Can I request a lower or higher banking tier from Amplify? 

While members cannot request high transaction limits from Amplify, there are cases where a member may prefer a lower transaction limit on their account. Contact our support team at or by phone at (512) 836-5901 to learn more.

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