Branch Closure: Parmer

Amplify is making the temporary closure of our Parmer Lane branch permanent in 2023.

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Updated at November 25th, 2022

At Amplify, our goal is always to provide our members with the best experience at their local branch. With the recent reopening of both our Cedar Park and La Frontera locations, we have made the necessary decision to make the temporary closure of our Parmer branch permanent. Read more to learn how our team will continue to serve members at our headquarters and other branch locations.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Tuesday, January 24, the temporary closure of our Parmer branch will become permanent.
  • Our Cedar Park and La Frontera branches remain open to the public.
  • Members will still be able to schedule onsite appointments with our real estate lending team or financial advisors.

When will our Parmer branch be closed?

Our Parmer branch will switch from temporarily closed to permanently closed on Tuesday, January 24.

Why did we choose to close our Parmer Lane branch?

Our goal is to send our team members where they can have the most positive impact for our members. While we took great pride in being able to serve our members from inside our Amplify headquarters, our research shows that other locations – including our Pond Springs and Esperanza Crossing branches – are more convenient for our members.

What is the status of the other branches?

As of Monday, October 3, both our Cedar Park and La Frontera branches are open to the public. While we continue to meet most of our members online, these reopened locations – combined with our Esperanza Crossing and Pond Springs locations – ensure that our doors will be open for those who still need the occasional in-person visit.

What is the nearest branch?

Our Esperanza Crossing branch is located less than three miles away from the Amplify headquarters, minimizing any inconvenience our members may experience when choosing a branch to visit. Esperanza Crossing is also one of two locations equipped with a full-service drive-thru, allowing our members to complete in-person transactions from the comfort of their own vehicles.

Amplify Credit Union
 2800 Esperanza Crossing #2
 Austin, TX 78758

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Will the Amplify headquarters be open to the public?

While we will no longer offer day-to-day financial services at our headquarters, our real estate lending team will continue to meet with current and prospective borrowers in our Parmer offices. Those looking to meet with a mortgage loan originator or financial advisor will also have the option of requesting an appointment at our headquarters as schedules allow.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact?

You are encouraged to email our team at with any additional questions or concerns.

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