How to Deposit Coins at Amplify

While Amplify no longer offers coin counting machines, there are still plenty of ways to deposit coins.

Written By Matthew Monagle (Member Support)

Updated at August 16th, 2023

Each year, Amplify reviews the banking behavior of our members to ensure that we are offering the best mix of products and services. And as digital payments become more popular, our team will continue to reallocate resources towards online services as needed. In this article, we will explain how those changes have impacted our coin counting services and how members can continue to make currency deposits at any Amplify branch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amplify no longer offers coin counting machines to our members.
  • You can still exchange coins in person at each Amplify branch location.
  • For exchanges that would take place outside of normal business hours, we recommend finding the Coinstar machine nearest you. Please note that Coinstar may charge a processing fee on each transaction.

Why does Amplify no longer offer coin machines?

Unfortunately, our team is no longer able to service our existing coin counting machines due to pricing concerns and part availability. Moving forward, we encourage our members to exchange coins either in-person at an Amplify branch or by finding a third-party coin machine near you.

Will Amplify still accept coins in the branches?

Members can still exchange or deposit their coins at any Amplify branch location. Please note that we can only accept rolled coins in our branches, but our team members will be happy to provide coin wrappers free of charge.

Can I deposit coins using night drop?

Amplify will accept coins as part of overnight deposits if your coins are grouped and rolled by coin type. We will not be able to accept loose change in an overnight deposit.

Where can I go to exchange coins after hours?

If you need to exchange coins outside of normal Amplify business hours, you can find the Coinstar machine nearest you at the company website. Please note that Coinstar will charge a coin processing fee should you decide to turn your coins into cash. You may be able to avoid this fee by cashing in your coins for an approved eGift Card from Coinstar’s partner list here.

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