How To Initiate or Receive a Wire Transfer

We explain how to initiate or receive a wire transfer with your Amplify Credit Union account.

Written By Matthew Monagle (Member Support)

Updated at April 16th, 2024

A wire transfer is the direct movement of funds between credit unions and other financial institutions. Upon receipt, funds are typically made available immediately. Members may initiate a wire transfer in a branch by visiting one of our four locations or via remote channels. In this section, we will discuss how to initiate and / or receive a wire transfer. 

Key Takeaways

  • As part of Amplify’s 2022 fee-free banking initiative, wire transfers are now free to members. 
  • Wire transfers may be initiated by visiting a branch or by calling us at (512) 836-5901. 
  • You must contact Amplify before sending a wire transfer to receive the required paperwork. 
  • Cut off time to receive wire request is 2:00 pm CST, Monday – Friday.  Requests received after this time or on Saturday will be processed the next business day.
  • International wires may only be sent from a business account. 

How much do wire transfers cost? 

In 2022, Amplify introduced fee-free banking to our members. As part of this initiative, most banking fees – including wire transfer fees – are now waived by the credit union. This means that member will not be charged a fee to initiative or receive a domestic wire transfer. 

Service Fee
Incoming Wire Transfers $0.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers - Domestic $0.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers - International (Business Accounts Only) $0.00

To learn more about the benefits of fee-free banking at Amplify Credit Union, visit the Fee-Free Banking page on our website. 

How do I receive a domestic wire transfer?

Amplify does not charge an incoming wire fee - you will be credited with the full amount of the incoming wire. To receive a wire, you will need to provide: 

  • Amplify's ABA/routing number: 314977227 
  • Amplify's address and toll-free phone number:  
    • 3600 W Parmer Lane, STE 200, Austin, TX 78727 
    • 1 (800) 237-5087
  • Your account number which can be found in online banking, on your monthly statements or you can call us to get assistance in locating your account number. 

How do I receive an international wire transfer? 

Amplify can receive incoming wires in US dollars only.  Routing instructions for incoming wire transfers in US dollars: 

  • Wire Routing Transit Number: 314977227 
  • Bank Name: Amplify Credit Union 
  • Bank Address, City, and State: 3600 W Parmer Lane, Austin, TX 78727 
  • Beneficiary Account Number: Your complete Amplify account number 
  • Beneficiary Account Name and Address: The name and address of your account as it appears on your statement. 

How do I initiate a wire transfer?

To send a wire transfer you may visit us in a branch or call us at (512) 836-5901. To send a wire transfer you will need: 

  • The recipient's (individual or business) name, account number, phone number, and address. 
  • The recipient's bank name, ABA/routing number, and bank address.

Note that cut off time to receive wire request is 2:00 pm CST, Monday – Friday. Requests received after this time or on Saturday will be processed the next business day. Before you decide to send a wire transfer, please contact our Member Support team. They will provide you with the paperwork needed to process your wire transfer in a timely fashion. 

Please note that Amplify uses DocuSign to collect signatures and member information for our wire transfers. For a detailed walkthrough of the DocuSign process, please review the How To Complete a Domestic Wire Transfer Form article in our Help Center. 

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