What To Expect When Applying To Amplify

Here is an example application timeline for job candidates at Amplify Credit Union.

Written By Jenny Voigt (Sr. HR Generalist)

Updated at December 7th, 2023

Job applications can be stressful. Even when you do hear back from a prospective employer, the different stages of the application – from first interview to final offer – can sometimes be a mystery. That’s why we’ve put together a general outline of the full hiring process at Amplify Credit Union. In this article, we’ll break down the different stages and provide a rough timeline. We hope knowing what to expect from Amplify can make it easier to navigate multiple applications and interviews.


  • Most application processes at Amplify last between 2-3 weeks.
  • Each new hire will attend a full day of onboarding on their first day.
  • New hires have the opportunity to meet our Executive team during New Employee Orientation.

What is the application timeline at Amplify Credit Union?

Our goal is to fill each open position within 30 days of posting. As a result, the entire process – from application to offer – often takes place in less than a month. Please note this timeline can vary depending on the availability of the hiring managers and the steps involved in the selection process for the role.


Timeline: 1-2 Weeks After Application
Your application process begins with the application itself. Visit our online job portal to see our current openings and use the Apply Now field to begin your application. We ask that you include every job from the past seven years to give us the most accurate picture of your work experience and qualifications. Applicants can upload their resume to pre-populate application data and can update an existing application through the Amplify job portal.

Initial Screening

Timeline: 1-3 Weeks After Application
Each applicant who appears to meet the minimum qualifications of the position will be given a formal review from our recruiters. Given the number of applications we receive, it is not always possible for us to interview every candidate for a position. Those who are not invited to continue the application process will receive a notification from our recruiters of our decision.

First Interview

Timeline: 1-3 Weeks After Application
Those that are selected for a first-round interview will be invited to either interview virtually with our recruiters or participate in our video interviewing program. This program gives you an opportunity to record and upload video answers to our standard questions on your own time without the need for a coordinated interview.


Timeline: 2-3 Weeks After Application
Certain jobs may involve an assessment to establish your proficiency with our systems and processes. These may be used at any point in the selection process. In some cases, you may be asked to complete an assessment as part of the application process. In others, you may be asked to complete this step following one or more interviews.

*Note: not all positions at Amplify require an assessment. Speak with an Amplify recruiter to find out if an assessment will be required as part of your application process.

Second Interview

Timeline: 3-4 Weeks After Application
If the hiring manager feels you are a strong candidate after reviewing your application and screening interview notes, then you may be invited to participate in a second interview. This interview may be with the hiring manager alone, or you may be speaking with multiple people in a panel format. Your recruiter will provide that information – as well as the date, time, and location for your interview - in a confirmation email.

Note: Amplify conducts all second interviews via MS Teams video conference. Learn how to prepare for a video interview using LinkedIn's community resources.


Timeline: 3-4 Weeks After Application
Once the interviews and assessments (if applicable) are completed, the hiring manager will decide which candidate they would like to invite to join Amplify. If you are selected, you will be contacted by your recruiter, who will extend the offer to you verbally and then send the formal offer to you via email.

Background Check

Timeline: 3-4 Weeks After Application
When we send your offer of employment, we will also request your authorization to run a background check, which includes checking criminal and civil records. Most positions also require a credit check.

It’s important to know that less-than-perfect credit does not automatically bar you from employment, but you should be prepared to discuss what led to the issues and what you are doing to correct them. Depending on the role, we may require other types of background checks in addition to those mentioned.

New Employee Onboarding and Orientation

Timeline: Day 1 through First 90 Days
Your first day at Amplify includes nearly a full day of learning about our Culture, our benefits, and some of the systems you will use throughout your employment. You will start your job-specific training on your second day. Just as important as your onboarding is our New Employee Orientation. This will be scheduled and held for a few hours over several days after you have been with us 60 to 90 days. It will be your opportunity to have time with Amplify leadership and learn about the history and mission of our credit union. You will also delve more into our culture, values, and service standards. Use this as your opportunity to ask our Senior team including CEO and Chief Experience Officer real questions; transparency is an important part of our culture, and it all starts here.

Who do I contact with additional questions about the hiring process?

If you have questions about our selection process, please contact recruiters@goamplify.com.

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