How Amplify Uses Fraud Protection Alerts To Protect Your Card

Here’s how our fraud monitoring team uses custom alerts to reduce and resolve debit card fraud.

Written By Tiffany Kalin (Payments & Operations Specialist)

Updated at March 18th, 2024

In addition to fee-free banking, we know one of the biggest reasons our members choose Amplify is our commitment to member security. In this article, we will share important information about our fraud monitoring system and how you can work with Amplify to keep your debit card safe.


  • Amplify has fraud alerts on potentially fraudulent debit card transactions.
  • Members will be immediately notified of suspected fraud by email. Members will also receive an SMS notification and a phone call. 
  • In cases of suspected fraud, your card may be restricted, and your transaction denied.
  • Call (833) 735-1897 or (206) 208-2446 to review these charges with our fraud monitoring team.

Why did I receive a notification about my debit card?

Amplify has enhanced fraud prevention for debit cards to ensure that our members are best protected. As a result, when a potentially suspicious transaction is authorized on your debit card you may receive a notification from Amplify to verify the transaction's authenticity.

What factors can lead to a charge being identified as fraud?

  • Outside normal geographical region
  • Outside normal spending habits
  • Foreign Merchants
  • High Risk Merchants

What will these notifications look like?

Our fraud monitoring team will begin reaching out as soon as a potentially fraudulent transaction occurs. In some instances, your card may be restricted, and the transaction denied. In all cases, it is important to contact our fraud team to confirm or deny these charges as quickly as possible.

The first notification is initiated 24/7 by email and if no response is received, attempts to contact the cardholder will escalate as shown below: 

  • Email Notification
    • From:
    • Subject: Fraud Notification on your Amplify Credit Union Debit card
  • SMS Text Message
    • SMS messages will be sent between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM CST based on the area code of the number on file.
  • Voice Call
    • Voice calls will be sent between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM CST based on the area code of the number on file.

If you are already traveling outside the country and have not provided Amplify with notification of travel it is possible for your debit card to be restricted. If you do not have international calling you will not receive text messages and phone calls.  

If you are unable to use your debit card and are out of the country, please use our Chat Feature within online banking to have your debit card reviewed and to place travel notifications on the account.

You can also use Card Controls in order to place these types of notifications, please refer to our Amplify Card: Card Controls page.



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