Increasing Your Debit Card Limit

Here is how Amplify Credit Union determines - and occasionally raises - the daily debit card transaction limit for its members.

Written By Matthew Monagle (Member Support)

Updated at December 23rd, 2022

To ensure the safety of our members' money, Amplify Credit Union places a limit on the number of transactions a debit card user can complete in any 24 hours. In this section, we'll identify the debit card transaction limit and outline the steps to temporarily raise your daily debit card limit.


  • If you need to increase your daily debit card limit, call our contact center at (512) 836-5901 or toll-free at (800) 237-5087.

Why Are My Debit Card Transactions Capped?

No matter how much money you have available in your Amplify Credit Union checking account, there are caps to the number of debit card transactions you can make in 24 hours. This limit is to protect your account from fraud. Without a transaction limit, a stolen or misplaced debit card could result in losses above the daily limit.

What If I Need To Raise My Debit Card Limit?

While Amplify has a daily limit in place for debit card transactions, a member can have a temporary limit increase applied to their checking account. If you anticipate using your debit card to purchase a major consumer product, you can request this increase from our contact center by calling (512) 836-5901 or calling toll-free at (800) 237-5087. Please note that you will be required to verify your account information and provide personal information, such as name and social security number.

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