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Changing Your Debit Card PIN

Wondering how to change your debit card PIN? Contact our support center or visit any Amplify Credit Union branch to change your code.

Written By Matthew Monagle (Member Support)

Updated at January 11th, 2022

Members that use their Amplify Credit Union debit card frequently should choose a secure passcode for their card. Taking the time to learn how to change your debit card PIN can increase the security of your account and help avoid fraud. In this section, we will discuss how our members can change their PIN at an Amplify Credit Union branch or with the help of our contact center.


  • If you received a new card, call (866) 619-0245 to activate the card and select a PIN.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it by visiting an Amplify Credit Union branch or by calling us at (512) 836-5901 or toll-free at (800) 237-5087.
  • If you know your PIN but would like to change it you may use our automated system by calling us at (877) 267-6914.

What Is a Debit Card PIN?

A Personal Identification Number (or PIN) is a numeric code used to add an extra layer of security to your checking accounts and debit card transactions. You may be asked to enter your PIN when accessing an ATM or swiping your debit card at a place of business. You will be prompted to secure 

How Do I Select a PIN for my Debit Card?

Just as you would with alphanumeric passwords, it is important to choose an account PIN that cannot easily be guessed. Since PINs are a 4-digit number, one of the most common mistakes people make is to choose a significant event - such as a birthday or anniversary - as the PIN for your debit card. Choose a nonsequential series of numbers you will be able to remember in the future and be sure to obscure the keypad when entering your PIN in public locations. You will first select your PIN number for your debit card when you call in to activate a new card.  

How Do I Reset My Amplify PIN?

Members who live in the great Austin metro can reset their PIN at any Amplify Credit Union branch. If you cannot remember your PIN, visit our Cedar Park, Esperanza, La Frontera, Parmer, Pond Springs, or University Commons locations to have your PIN reset to a 4-digit number of your choosing, or you may call our contact center at (512) 836-5901 or toll-free at (800) 237-5087.

If you know your PIN number but would like to change it, you can use our automated system by calling (877) 267-6914. Please note that you will be asked for identifying card and member information before your new PIN can be activated.

How Do I Activate My New Debit Card?

Whether you are new to Amplify and just received a debit card, or if you were assigned a new debit card because your previous card was lost or stolen, you will activate the card by calling us at (866) 619-0245. During the activation process, you will be prompted to select a new PIN number. 

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